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I heart Brent Barry, guys! Hope he gets back in action soon!!

November 16, 2005

20-Second Timeout: Barry’s Humor
by Bill Schoening, the radio voice of the Spurs
Some players would get depressed or upset if a back injury popped up and kept them out of action for a few games. Veteran guard Brent Barry, however, has been around long enough to know that keeping a positive outlook on life not only makes things go easier for him, but also for his teammates.

Although he claims some players on the team still aren't talking to him (because of his barbs during the annual Tipoff luncheon) Barry's humor is a welcome respite during what will be a long season.

Brent Barry and his morning jacket.During last week’s road trip, his wardrobe was severely tested since he didn't pack a sport coat for the sidelines (part of the new NBA dress code), which forced trainer Will Sevening to purchase a "community" black jacket for future road trips in case somebody needs it.

Barry wanted to change up his look a bit for the Boston game, so he wore Nazr Mohammed's coat. It had the required collar, but was about four sizes too large.

It was back to the community sport coat for the Washington game, with a change in the look, thanks to a cashmere turtleneck that belongs to Beno Udrih. Barry says he liked the sweater, but claims that it smelled like European cigarettes. Beno, of course, doesn't smoke.

Let's hope Barry is back on the floor for the Spurs soon…his teammates are running out of clothes he can borrow.

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